47 + 7

47+7 is the first apartment building constructed with the Sustainable Living Innovations system, a patent-pending building technology. Wall and floor panels containing all wiring, plumbing and finishes were assembled in a factory, trucked to the site, then hoisted and set into a steel frame structurally engineered to enable high-rise construction. 47+7 won the NAIOP Judges' Award for Innovation of the Year.

The project delivers enhanced sustainability through a) Density, providing 24 units on a 6,420 sf lot; b) Reduced energy consumption expected to be 84% less than a typical building; c) An urban location with a Walkscore of 98; d) Affordability, 20% of units available at affordable rents; e) Sustainable materials like bamboo veneer cabinetry and no drywall, paint or carpets to replace; and f) The pre-fab nature of the system resulted in virtually no construction waste. 

The 47+7 apartment project takes a huge step towards a coming revolution in the building design and construction industry.