Since 1977, Wallace Properties have delivered consistent property management and brokerage services, reliable returns and stable success throughout business cycles and market fluctuations by offering:
  • careful investments focused on preserving wealth
  • sustainable developments that benefit our community as well as our investors
  • meticulous asset and property management dedicated to achieving the highest possible    risk-adjusted returns
  • superior market knowledge and customer service, provided by our brokerage team
The combination of brokerage, property and asset management, development and investment expertise enables Wallace Properties to offer unparalleled service and market knowledge to our clients. It is our mission to be your single-source provider for commercial real estate in Washington State, primarily focused in the greater Seattle / Bellevue area.
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"In addition to being outstanding business managers, they are exemplary persons and citizens. I can recommend them unequivocally."

Dr. Jim Pipers MD
Orthopedic Surgeon